Magic Of Four

All of us have the Potential to be a Successful Leader , however we just have to do a few right things to achieve this Potential.

Here are some of the simple rules which in my view will help you in your journey to become a Successful Leader:

4*4 Magical Alphabets ( F.A.C.E ) –Recipe for a successful Leader -


As a leader if you follow this philosophy you will most likely to get the best from your team members:
  • Attention ( One needs to be Attentive and be a patient listener)
  • Affection ( One can get maximum results through love and Affection , this will also build trust and respect)
  • Appreciation ( Appreciate both small and big wins of your teams/team members )
  • Achievement ( Recognize Achievement of teams/team members in public and celeberate)


Every leader needs to set well defined goals and the principle of 4 Cs will help you achieve your goals quicker

  • Concentrate ( Stay Focused and Concentrate on the Goal )
  • Consistency ( Be Consistent in whatever you do)
  • Cooperate (You cannot achieve you goals by yourself , Cooperate and be a team player )
  • Conviction ( Have the Conviction that you will win )


Jack Welch’s recipe to be a Successful Leader

  • Energy (Leader must be full of Energy)
  • Energize ( Leader must Energise his team to get the best from them)
  • Edge ( Leader must ensure that everything he/his company does has an Edge over others )
  • Execute ( Build the culture of Execution and enjoy the process)

Jack also adds a P – Passion In my view we need to add an H as well - Humility


Basic ingredients to be a leader:

  • Fear (Fight the Fear)
  • Failure ( Failure is the beginning of a journey to be successful )
  • Forgetfulness ( Commit to your commitments , no Forgetfulness)
  • Faith ( Have Faith in yourself and you will win)

I am sure you will agree with me , please revert to me if you have any other ideas , but if you agree with the above then go ahead and implement.

All the best and God Bless you in your Journey to becoming a “Great Leader” .

Rohit Chanana
August, 2006