How To Become a C.E.O

To start with the we need to understand the meaning of CEO .According to me CEO is “Committed , Ethical and Organized” person. We all want to become CEO, but few of us have the tenacity to be a successful CEO .CEOs are just like space shuttles ,they have the motivation to rise from ground zero ,pass the acid test when they move out of the earth’s atmosphere and reach the moon.

Remember everything requires hard work and there are no shortcuts. Becoming a CEO is just like climbing the terrace of a building , you climb a set of stairs reach the first floor which is only the first milestone towards reaching the goal , while it is a time for celebrations but not to get complacent as the goal is to reach the terrace. Every floor is like a milestone.

To become a CEO you should follow the three C’s i.e. commitment, consistency and co-operation. The three P’s are also as important i.e. planning, preparation and perseverance.

After setting your goal, start working and your focus should be on karma and not the fruits of karma .But your motivation should not be like a fountain i.e. that rises and comes down after which you have to start from stage zero .The desire has to keep burning inside like a flame and he needs to encourage innovation . After becoming a CEO some people find it hard to maintain their position. But I have some simple 70-30 rules which are:

70% Growth 30% problem solving
70% youth 30% experience
70% action 30% planning
70% listening 30% talking

The bottom line is that there will be failures in life, but never get disappointed and be persistent. To enjoy the sweetness of victory you have to taste the bitterness of failure. I would like to end this with the saying that success is at the far side of failure.

This article was written by my son Rohan Chanana while he was in class X , he is now studying in Sri Venkateswara College , Delhi University and is a student of 2nd Year BSc ( Stats)

Rohan Chanana
Dec, 2001