Respect, Trust and Open Communication and a Common Purpose is at the core of Team Bonding


All of us recognize that in Knowledge Age, Interactions and Team Spirit plays a key role in the success of the organization.

Innovation, Agility, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and creation of a Knowledge Marketplace is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

While individual excellence is important, but it is very tough to sustain this advantage without a Team culture.

I conducted a brief session with my senior colleagues to identify what it takes to create a Winning Team. We had a very interesting discussion and   here is a list of some of the challenges and frustration and the solutions proposed by them to create a winning culture.

S. No.

Challenges and Frustrations



Do not work for a common objective / focus / dream.

There must be a common dream and purpose; this is what binds the team.


Lack of empathy and realization of challenges faced by other members of the team.

Understand each other’s challenges.  


Lack of respect for each other.

We need to respect each other while we may have had differences in the past but we should forget the past and start with a clean slate.


Ego of the team members.

It is not about winning and loosing in a discussion but working towards a win-win. Start listening with an open mind.


Everyone believes that he or she is more passionate than the other colleagues.

Trust your team members for the role they have been assigned.


Delay in response / Lack of respect for adherence to timelines.

Respect for each other’s time is extremely important as time is even more precious than money.   


Finding faults in each others work / system.

There are better ways to communicate the differences than just criticizing. Resolve issues in person rather than just sending emails as emails are devoid of emotions.


Do not follow a process / do not adhere to them.

Follow the process as far as possible.


Becomes defensive and start justifying actions.

Accept mistakes instead of defending.

In conclusion :

  • Respect for team members,
  • Trusting colleagues ,
  • Open and timely Communication amongst the members  and
  • Common Purpose
is at the core of "Creating a Winning Team" .


Rohit Chanana
May, 2005