My beliefs to be successful in life

Some of my colleagues had been asking me on my beliefs to be successful, here are some of the things that I have tried to practice:

We must Dare to Dream and we must Think Big, i.e not rationally but exponentially.

It is extremely important to have a Vision, Guiding Principles and Core Values. This document needs to be engrained in the DNA of the organization.

Workplace is a place of worship, once we start believing in this philosophy one does not feel the stress as you enjoy in every thing that you do at the workplace.

Have an attitude to win . Success is a journey and the Journey has just begun.

Growth comes with pains but gains of growth are always exponentially higher.

It is our Customer who pays our bills; therefore, any value proposition or activity must be structured around the customer.

A sale is made even before you meet the customer.

Know your Customer’s market’s as well as you know your home market.

Short term is important, but it is even more important to keep in mind long term.

Try and anticipate the future and be proactive, this is one of the things that will differentiate us from the competition.

We need to have Passion and Empathy for our people.

We all love change but hate to be changed, the winners are those who will continually evolve.

Every relationship with the Customers, Employees, and Suppliers must be build around Trust, Love, Affection, and Respect and we must be fair to all.

Focus on 4As i.e Attention, Affection, Appreciation, and Achievement.

Let your Ego not come in the way of your growth.

We are in the business of making money, therefore the focus should be on CashFlows and Increasing Velocity of our assets and Improving Margins .

Any Cost Optimization must be done by keeping in mind threshold of
  • Growth
  • Performance
  • Morale
Cost cutting by itself is not a good idea .

We must be the Role Model for our team, therefore, we need to walk the talk.

Need to have a Performance Driven, Transparent, Participative and Learning culture.

Always set stretch but achievable Goals.

There must be a Culture of Execution/Implemetation, robust dialogue must be encouraged.

Every meeting/discussion must be conducted around a pre-defined objective or problem that one is trying to solve. Always do a root cause analysis before arriving at a solution and not treat for symptoms.

Every strength must be exploited and every problem to be seen as opportunity.

Try and spread positive energy and things will start to happen.

We believe in God, nothing is impossible for God, therefore nothing is impossible for us. This means we can write our own destiny.

Right people are the true assets of any organization – these people will help you to achieve the aspirations.

We must focus on creating an environment of passion, positive attitude, courage, innovation and fun.

Every mistake should be seen as an opportunity for coaching.

We must always provide requisite resources and tools and set realistic goals before arriving at a judgement.

Reward efforts and hard work and not necessarily the results only.

Ideas can come from anywhere, always be on look out for ideas. Encourage diversity of ideas.

Our teams are much smarter than we imagine, exploit their full potential. If we exploit the potential of our teams, 1+1 Will not be 2 but 11.

Simplicity in everything we do.

Law of averages does not work, break down into micros.

Business is not build around spreadsheets.

Financials are lagging indicators, look for leading indicators.

Any business proposition must be evaluated on attractiveness of opportunity and ability to compete.

Always listen when someone is speaking as god has given us two ears and two eye keeping this in mind.

Always act as a shock absorber, do not pass down the pressures.

Discipline and integrity key to success. Encourage teams to regularly exercise and spend time in reading.

Try and give back something to the society.
  Rohit Chanana
Jan, 2005