1. Growth comes with pains but gains of growth are always exponentially higher.
  2. It is our Customer who pays our bills; therefore, any value proposition or activity must be structured around the customer.
  3. Short term is important, but it is even more important to keep in mind long term.
  4. Let your Ego not come in the way of your growth.
  5. Every strength must be exploited and every problem to be seen as opportunity.
  6. Try and spread positive energy and things will start to happen.
  7. We must focus on creating an environment of passion, positive attitude, courage, innovation and fun.
  8. We must always provide requisite resources and tools and set realistic goals before making a judgement.
  9. Reward efforts and hard work and not necessarily the results only.
  10. Our teams are much smarter than we imagine, exploit their full potential. If we exploit the potential of our teams, 1+1 Will not be 2 but 11.
  11. Any business proposition must be evaluated on attractiveness of opportunity and ability to compete.
  12. Discipline and integrity key to success .
  13. Encourage teams to regularly exercise and spend time in reading.
  14. Our Potential is only constrained by our own imagination
  15. Happiness is a state of mind
  16. Hateful thoughts or anger have a big adverse impact on our health
  17. Peace of Mind is rooted in compassion and affection
  18. Focus all your energies on solutions rather than problems
  19. We are here for a purpose and we also have an end , lets go ahead and work towards our purpose with some sense of urgency.
  20. Ask a question at the end of every day “Have I made some impact in lives of others”. A sincere appreciation or awareness will help us in achieving our purpose of life.
  21. There can be no progress without hope and aspiration
  22. It is tough to achieve success without support from your family
  23. We have email, phone, fax, and yet we are much less connected emotionally than the time when most of these mediums did not exist
  24. The quality of our lives is based on quality of our choices and decisions we make all the time
  25. Most of us are very busy all the time but I can bet if we sincerely evaluate our day’s work we will find 20-30% of the work that we were engaged in , could have been avoided. Smart work and not hard word should be the way of life.
  26. We always look at complex solutions for simple problems
  27. Don’t make inefficient more efficient
  28. There are no failures but only learning
  29. You never win without playing
  30. Fail fast fly high
  31. Everything can be made easy by familiarity and training
  32. In order to get the best, respect other people views and rights
  33. In order to evaluate options please keep in mind what is the cost of not exercising any of the options.